Smartmouth ‘Lucky Charms’ Beer

This is not the biggest news February, but its novel and weird enough to warrant our attention. We are talking about a new unusual brew from a small beer maker based out of Virginia, U.S.A. called Smartmouth Brewing Company. The brewery has announced a limited edition IPA (India pale ale) brewed with Lucky Charms-inspired marshmallows that it aptly named ‘Saturday Morning’. Both the name and the brew are a nod to childhood memories of early Saturday mornings where kids would separate marshmallows from their breakfast cereal.

Smartmouth ‘Lucky Charms’ Beer

But why? I don’t know. Just to take old enough to drink beer person back to his or her childhood, I guess? For outside of the U.S., this is well a very American thing and so, you’d be forgiven to think it is absolutely weird to be using Marshmallows to make beer and also referencing it a strange America kids’ breakfast routine. Anyways, the beer is brewed with marshmallows and fruity flavored Galaxy and Calypso hops, and contains 6.6 percent ABV in each 16-ounce can. So, yeah, it is an adult beverage despite its gleeful, fun design on the can.

Even though this is a very American thing, Saturday Morning won’t be available across the country. It is only available in two places, namely Norfolk and Virginia Beach, in Virginia. Smartmouth Brewing Company said it is a very LIMITED (note the all caps) release beer with draft and cans available on Saturday, March 2, starting at 12PM at the Norfolk tasting room ONLY (again, note the all caps). Limited amount of draft will also be available the Pilot House in Virginia Beach. So, adventurous beer connoisseurs who are in and around Virginia do take note.

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Image: Smartmouth Brewing Company.

Source: Boing Boing.