Louis Vuitton is slowly catching up with Tiffany in dishing out everyday items that cost a bomb. The latest rumored to join the Parisian fashion house is this, a Louis Vuitton Coloring Pencils. This being LV, you can expect nothing less than the iconic brown LV monogram and in the case (pun not intended, btw) of this uber luxurious coloring pencils, it will come in a stylish roll-up leather with the signature monogram motif on the outside and on the inside, you will find 40 wooden color pencils individually slotted in textured leather loops.

Louis Vuitton Coloring Pencils

It is ashamed that it does not come with an eraser, though. Just saying… Interestingly, LV has chose to include the colors over the monogram exterior to show the position of each color that’s housed inside the gorgeous roll-up case. Speaking of colors, the individual color pencils also carry some details too. From the purported product image, you can make out that the pencils are LV-branded too. Rounding up the package is a combination of contrasting leather and metal hardware in gold that serves to secure the roll-up pencil case to keep it close as it should.

According to @supreme_leaks_news, this Louis Vuitton Coloring Pencils should be in the wild end of March with an asking price of around 900 bucks. So, watch out Tiffany & Co., LV is here to give you a run of your money. Here, have a couple more looks:

Louis Vuitton Coloring Pencils
Louis Vuitton Coloring Pencils

Images: Instagram (@supreme_leaks_news).

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Source: Luxury Launches.

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