Wheelsurf Monocycle

Wheelsurf Monocycle
(photos: Hammacher) Wheelsurf Monocycle | US$13,000.00 | www.wheelsurf.nl

those who have watched Men In Black III would have noticed the pair of awesome futuristic monocycles and you didn’t think it is possible but in fact, in reality there is such monocycle that spins its lone wheel around the rider. well, maybe not as shiny and futuristic looking but somewhere along that line. in fact the Wheelsurf Monocycle, as it is known, have been around for quite sometime now. it is touted as the only monocycle in production (one with such a big wheel, that is) and it lets you cruise around at speeds up to 40 km/h (25 mph) for about two hours with less than 0.5 gallon of petrol. yes. it is driven by a 31cc, four-stroke 1.5 horsepower petrol unit and like a scooter, it has a bike-like handle that lets rider controls the acceleration and braking. granted, at just 40 km/h, it is definitely not the vehicle of choice to escape from any dire situation and it is not even road-legal to be begin but at least it is one heck of a cool-looking transport. perfect for getting around a huge estate, if you happen to own one and it can be yours for $13,000 from our favorite big ticket items store, Hammacher. larger views and a rather ancient but awesome product video after the break.

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