Modern self-balancing electric unicycle has seen some pretty intense developments since Solowheel. It has progressed beyond pavements and asphalts to going off-road, and to become, in the words of unicycle reviewer, Kuji Rolls, “dangerously fast.”

Begode Master Electric Self-balancing Unicycle

The “dangerously fast” unicycle in question is the new Begode Master. It is not the “world’s fastest” but with a top speed of 52 mph (84 km/h), it is just 3 km/h (1.86 mph) short of being as fast as the world’s fastest.

But being fast is not what draws us to it – in fact, going at 80+ km/h (50 mph) on a self-balancing unicycle gives us chills. Yes. I am *cluck* chicken *cluck* I won’t deny it. What draws us to it is the rugged design and of course, its ability to go off-roading.

Begode Master Electric Self-balancing Unicycle

Other features of the new Begode Master electric unicycle include a 3,500 W motor, 30-60 miles (50-100 km) range, max load of 330 lbs (150 kg), built-in Bluetooth speaker, built-in LCD display, an integrated trolley handle, integrated headlight and taillight, a USB port, die-cast metal pedals, 20×2.75” knobby tire, and two battery pack options: a 134V, 1,920Wh Samsung 40T high-discharge battery, and a 134V 2,400Wh Samsung 50E high-capacity battery.

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Meanwhile, you can learn more from reviews by Kuji Rolls and Jimmy Chang (which also include painful crash footage involving the said vehicle), as well as from Begode’s page and eWheels’ website where you can also put down a deposit to secure a unit for around US$3,250.

Begode Master Electric Self-balancing Unicycle

Images: Begode.

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