Here’s a little fun stuff to brighten your day/night. Well, fun, if you are not hostile towards consumerism and also, you have a thing for design. But mostly, consumerism, really. An experimental creative studio called Hello Velocity has created a set of fonts based on highly recognizable businesses’ logo which it named Brand New Roman font. The result is an array of alphabets (a-z) and numbers (0-9) that are refreshingly fun, though not necessary practical.

As expected, each alphabet and number is pulled from a corporate logo, like for example, small letter ‘a’ is the world’s most famous online retailer, Amazon, ‘e’ is Internet Explorer, and ‘m’ is Monster, the energy beverage brand. I am not going to lie, I only known half of those characters. I know the common ones like Unilever, Champion, Kellogg, Bridgestone, ESPN, FILA and a couple of less common ones like HTML5, Opera browser, Nespresso and Reese.

How many can you recognize? Come one, give a go and try name every one. Anyways, Hello Velocity has brave the possible frowns from those brands by making the font available to everyone. You can download it over HERE, but as our source has indicated, if you want the font, you’d better act on it fast cos’ you never know how long it is going to stick around. Hello Velocity has gone to length to create plugins for both Chrome and Firebox, so you can, if you so desire, force texts on webpages to render in Brand New Roman font. But you probably don’t want to cos’ the webpage will become anything but readable. Don’t believe? Here’s how our blog turned out:

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Brand New Roman Font

Not exactly easy on the eyes, is it?

And oh, there is a monochrome version one too:

Brand New Roman Font

Source: Engadget.

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