Cartoon Fossils Answer The Question Of What If Cartoon Characters Died And Decomposed

Have you ever wonder if iconic cartoon characters would die and if they did, what they’d look like after years of decomposition? I know. It is a morbid wonderment. Not a question to ask children for obvious reasons. Anyways, Prague-based 3D artist Filip Hodas did and he did not let his imagination goes unseen.

Studio Developed A New Font Using Recognizable Company Logos

Here’s a little fun stuff to brighten your day/night. Well, fun, if you are not hostile towards consumerism and also, you have a thing for design. But mostly, consumerism, really. An experimental creative studio called Hello Velocity has created a set of fonts based on highly recognizable businesses’ logo which it named Brand New Roman […]

This is What Star Wars BB8 Droid Would Look Like if Jony Ive Had a Say

JJ Abrams sort of surprised the world when he announced that BB8 droid is actually a real robot and not CGI. That’s the Star Wars’s Universe where Apple doesn’t exist, but what if Apple did exist in the Galaxy Far, Far away? And what if Mr. Jony Ive, the design legend of our time (thanks […]