Finland Skateboarding School Opens in 2021

Most parents will frown upon “careers” that do not have or require formal educations. That’s fact. If that’s how parents think, then I suppose for young skateboarders who wish to skateboard for a living in Finland, parents may approve their kids of a skateboarding future.

According to Finnish media, yle, Finland is on track to opening its first skateboarding high school in Tampere region. It is not a spanking new school dedicated to skateboarding, though.

The skateboard-centric course will be offered by Tampere Vocational College, Tredu, as a new curriculum. In this planned program, the school will be looking at opening up to 20 vacancies to students who are interested in learning in depth about skateboard.

When we said “in-depth”, it is not just about rolling on a board with wheels or learning tricks. This ain’t no Tony Hawk academy. Students will also learn about event production, marketing, networking, filming and managing social media. Well, what does it sounds like a social influencer course to me?

Anyways, now that skateboarding has been added to 2020 Tokyo Olympics, I guess it is only right to take skateboarding as a mainstream sport like running and track and field.

It is worthy to note that the skateboarding school in Finland isn’t the first in the world. The world already seen the first in Sweden which, not surprisingly, has been the inspiration of Finland city’s educators in preparing for this new new-to-Finland program.

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Image by Free-Photos via Pixabay.

Source: Twitter (@Lovebian).