September 12 is the date to look out for if you are a fan of iPhone because that is the date earmarked for the big reveal of the next iPhones, including the much anticipated and rumored anniversary edition, the iPhone 8. We are not sure how these sources managed to get hold on these leaks, but if recent history of such leaks have taught us anything, it is that such leaks usually turned out to be pretty spot on. Anywho, with just seven days to the big event, a supposed video of a working iPhone 8 was leaked. Yup. A working iPhone 8 in action. Imagine that!

In the somewhat blurry video, a supposed iPhone 8 was shown in all its working glory and it clearly shows a 18:9 aspect ratio bezel-less display that consume nearly the entire front with the exception of a notch, which is the home to the phone speaker, front-facing camera, and sensors, and the obvious lack of Home button. In the clip, a user was shown launching the Weibo app, the Chinese Twitter-equivalent micro-blogging platform, and most importantly, it clearly shows that the cellular, WiFi and battery icons are on the right of the notch while the dash time is on the left.

The setup looks somewhat like what the Essential Phone has, except that the notch on Apple’s incarnation is a lot wider. It is a very short clip, but it should be enough to get fans of iPhone all pumped. But that’s just a start. Apparently, the video is not only thing that has been leaked ahead of the September 12 event. The price list of the iPhone 8 is reportedly leaked too. According to tech media reporter Benjamin Geskin, the pricing for the purported three capacities of iPhone 8 are as follows: $999 for 64 GB, $1,099 for 256 GB and a whopping $1,199 for an equally whopping storage capacity of 512 GB. Yes. You read that right. A freaking 512 GB capacity on a mobile phone!

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Holy sh*t! That’s way more than some laptop has today and sign of how much mobile phone has progressed. So there you have it, the leaks that should any fan prepared for the big event. I sure hope no one has fallen off the chair or went into a shock upon realizing the pricing.

Now, if you will excuse me, I will need to dive into my assets and see what else can I sell in order to afford an Apple mobile phone.

Images and source: Hypebeast [1] [2].

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