seriously. with the popularity of wireless streaming, we hardly think there is a need for sound dock anymore. however, if the sound dock is of something out of the ordinary, such as this Jarre AeroSkull HD Bluetooth Sound Dock, then it might be worthy of a consideration. no? i mean, who doesn’t want a shiny skull (with a matching bone for remote) on their desks? ok, maybe not everyone… still, it is one heck of a speaker that’s destined to be an eye-candy in any home and conversational piece. there is nothing morbid about it; it is a shiny piece of equipment, offering 80W of amplified audio output through two 2.25-inch mid-range driver of 20W each and a 40W 4-inch subwoofer.

it is equipped with a Lightning connector dock, located on the top of the skull, for your newer generation, Lightning connector-equipped iPod or iPhone. however, you can also opt to go the wireless route via Bluetooth too. also built into the skull, i mean the speaker, is a line-in jack that caters to non-Bluetooth, non-Lightning connector equipped sources, such as your CD player or older iPods or MP3 players. there is also a mini USB port and a 3.5mm mini jack too. crafted from ABS, the speaker features a striking chrome plated finish (there is a matte black one, though) and is available in eleven colors, and each speaker comes standard with a remote, appropriately, in the shape of a bone.

speaking of bone, at this point we should encourage you to keep this ‘bone’ remote away from your dogs, if you have any, for obvious reasons. you can get the Jarre AeroSkull HD Bluetooth Sound Dock for €399 via Jarre web store.

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