Peugeot Paris Prestige 1987 Pepper Mill

You are not seeing things. What you see before you is a giant-ass pepper grinder, aka pepper mill, from Peugeot. Yes. That Peugeot. Apparently, this more-than-a-century-old company started out making coffee mills and bicycles.

Sometime down the years, they started making pepper and salt grinders too. And so, yeah, this indeed a Peugeot product. Mind you, though. This ain’t no ordinary pepper grinder. It is a called Peugeot Paris Prestige 1987 Pepper Mill and it is freaking 110 centimeters (3.6 feet!) tall.

Peugeot Paris Prestige 1987 Pepper Mill

Holy smoke. Who in the world needs such a huge pepper grinder? I mean, seriously, you got to be eating pepper 24/7 to be needing such a big pepper mill. It is not just the size that is big. It is hefty too, weighing in at 16.53 lbs.

According to a report, it can hold about 1/3 of a pound of peppercorns. That’s shit load of pepper that requires some serious grinding.

Having said that, Peugeot Paris Prestige 1987 Pepper Mill is not only a real; it can be yours to own too… but only if you bear to part with $1,249.95 because, that’s how much it commands.

Alternatively, there are other regular size pepper mills from Peugeot that may interest people who don’t have a giant-ass kitchen at home.

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Images: Peugeot.

Source: Luxury Launches.