LEGO Lawnmower Man Kinetic Sculpture by JK Brickworks

JK Brickworks, AKA Jason Allemann, is an avid LEGO enthusiast who have the penchant for creating intricate kinetic sculptures out of LEGO. His latest work, the LEGO Lawnmower Man Kinetic Sculpture, is based off fellow LEGO enthusiast/YouTuber Josh David’s lawnmower kinetic sculpture, entitled LEGO Lawn Mower. Like Josh’s variant, Jason’s version uses a combination of LEGO Technic and non-LEGO Technic parts and in the usual JK Brickworks fashion, Jason makes a great LEGO kinetic sculpture greater by refining what Josh has done by throwing in his very own figure from his Sisyphus model into the mix – in addition to several other tweaks.

The resulting LEGO kinetic sculpture is one that has a man mowing the lawn, compete with the realistic motion and of course, mowed and not mowed lawn. And if I may say it, it is strangely mesmerizing to watch. Heck, think I could watch it all day without knowing why. The lawn mowing action is driven by a hand crank, but it can also hook up to a LEGO motor assembly. You can catch Jason giving a walkthrough of the model in the embedded video below.

Image: JK Brickworks.