JK Brickworks Recreate Adam Savage’s Robot Rickshaw As A LEGO Kinetic Art

You saw how Adam Savage built a steampunk rickshaw to enable Boston Dynamics’ robotic dog Spot to haul him around. You probably have also seen how the man scratch built the fabulous Victorian/steampunk-ish rickshaw.

I Think I Can Spend All-Day Watching This LEGO Person Mowing The Lawn

JK Brickworks, AKA Jason Allemann, is an avid LEGO enthusiast who have the penchant for creating intricate kinetic sculptures out of LEGO. His latest work, the LEGO Lawnmower Man Kinetic Sculpture, is based off fellow LEGO enthusiast/YouTuber Josh David’s lawnmower kinetic sculpture, entitled LEGO Lawn Mower. Like Josh’s variant, Jason’s version uses a combination of […]

LEGO Computer Keyboard

LEGO is a bit like smartphones. what it can do (or in this case, build) is limited to one’s imagination and LEGO aficionado Jason Allemann just went out to prove this point; he has created a working LEGO computer keyboard, well, albeit having a rather ancient PS/2 connector membrane keyboard as the base, but it is…