Assassin’s Creed Valhalla x Reebok Capsule Collection To Launch On November 7

I used to love Assassin’s Creed. I had the game and completed it on PS3. Never look back and never asked for a sequel, let alone 10 other AC main titles. I guess I am not a true fan, after all.

Here Are Some Of The Products From The Upcoming LEGO x Levi’s Collaboration

The collaboration between LEGO and IKEA isn’t a stretch after all. Especially not after you have seen what the Danish toy maker has installed for you with a partnership struck between the company and American jeans maker, Levi’s. You heard that right. LEGO x Levi’s is a thing.

Porsche Legacy Collection By Puma Revealed, Includes A Pair Of Sneakers For Driving

When you adore Porsche 911 Turbo so much that it is simply not enough to be driving one. In that case, you ought to wear it too and you can do so with the new Porsche Legacy Collection by Puma. Puma has released an exclusive new collection of apparel and footwear inspired by the Porsche […]

Harry Potter x Vans Collection Also Includes Backpacks, Jackets and More

You heard it is coming, now meet the entire Harry Potter x Vans Collection. As it turns out, this delightful collaboration between streetwear label and the wizarding world of Harry Potter has more than just sneakers. It also includes apparel, namely outwear, and backpacks along with accessories like hats and socks. Regarding the footwear, they […]

State Bicycle Co. Teamed Up With The Simpsons Some Donut-ish Accessories

What has cult TV cartoon series The Simpsons has to do with cycling? Nothing. What has the iconic pink donut in the The Simpsons got to do with cycling? Nothing either. However, that does not make the The Simpsons x State Bicycle Co. Limited Edition Accessories, a collaboration between State and Twentieth Century Fox Consumer […]

Oh Look, Atari Is Going To Make Hats With Integrated Bluetooth Speakers

Atari must have known that there’s no way it is going to kick any of the video game console big three’s butts (but it is going to get into the game anyways). So, the once popular video game console maker has embarked on a new business plan: making wearable tech and the seemingly nondescript hat […]

Google Granted Patent For Video Camera-equipped Hat. Wait, What?!

It makes sense to want to integrate Augmented Reality on glasses, but a video camera on the bill of an otherwise ordinary hat? Now, that sounds kind of goofy, but that doesn’t stop Internet search giant, Google, from going ahead and hat it patented. And guess what? They actually got it (the patent) and why […]

Snappies Ditched Plastic For Leather, Made Snapback Hats Look Uber Classy

Snapback hat. It is either you are for or against it. Personally, I am not for snapbacks. Seriously, that crummy, plastic thingy is super ugly and that’s not to mention, it is totally uncomfy when you wear the hat backwards. Amazingly, despite the obvious shortfall, snapback hat’s design hasn’t changed much at all for like, […]

BMW Announces New i Collection, Includes Solar Charger for Charging Your Gadgets

Have an unquestionable love for BMW i Series? Or maybe you just have a thing for whatever the Munich automaker serves up? If so, then the BMW i Collection will be a delightful news to you. Apart from the obvious stylish elements typical of BMW, the i Collection takes on a sustainable approach when creating […]