When you adore Porsche 911 Turbo so much that it is simply not enough to be driving one. In that case, you ought to wear it too and you can do so with the new Porsche Legacy Collection by Puma. Puma has released an exclusive new collection of apparel and footwear inspired by the Porsche 911 Turbo.

Porsche Legacy Collection by Puma

Unfortunately, though, there’s no huge rear wing to be found on the Porsche Legacy Speedcat Lux Men’s Shoes or the Porsche Legacy Future Rider Men’s Trainers. But one thing for sure is, the capsule weighs heavy in style, just as the car itself is.

Speaking of shoes… the Porsche Legacy Future Rider Men’s Trainers features an upper made of premium leather with pops of color, and a grippy sole for driving.

Porsche Legacy Collection by Puma

The Porsche Legacy Speedcat Lux Men’s Shoes, on the other hand, marries one of Puma’s most iconic designs with engineering-inspired styling, featuring a suede upper, laser-engraving, and perforated ventilation areas.

Other notables in the capsule includes Porsche Legacy Bomber Jacket and a t-shirt featuring a large turbo graphic on the back, a Porsche Shield logo on the front and a ‘Never Lift’ label woven at the collar.

You can view the entire collection HERE. Prices start at €40 (about US$43) for the hat and runs up to €180 (or around US$196) for the bomber.

Images: Puma SE.

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