LEGO x Levi’s Products Collaboration

The collaboration between LEGO and IKEA isn’t a stretch after all. Especially not after you have seen what the Danish toy maker has installed for you with a partnership struck between the company and American jeans maker, Levi’s. You heard that right. LEGO x Levi’s is a thing.

LEGO x Levi’s Products Collaboration

LEGO tweeted about it a few days ago and today, we got to see what’s up with this collaboration. Surely, not storage boxes, isn’t it? Of course, not. It is apparel, obviously. No LEGO studs covered denim, though.

There are studs, but only just enough of them. While some may be graphics, some studs are actually functional.

LEGO x Levi’s Products Collaboration

According to Spielwaren (via Brickfinder), the products range from a pair of Levi’s 501 with embroidered LEGO logo, a denim jacket, a dark t-shirts with a big red LEGO 2×4 brick with Levi’s branding on the brick, white sweaters and hoodies accentuated with classic LEGO colors on the sides.

Additionally, there is a black sweater, baseball caps, a bandana decorated with LEGO minifigure heads, a beanie in classic LEGO yellow with a square plate, and a fanny pack. Not much info was provided as official words are not out yet.

However, from the images we saw, it appears that some studs are actually functional. Though the “plates” do not appeared to be rigid pieces. Could be silicone or something to afford some flexibility and not cause discomfort if you were to wear them (such as on the beanie, for example).

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You probably cannot expected to build anything on the 6×6 plate if there is one (or two, such as in the case of the denim jacket). You can, however, create patterns using the DOTS elements. Anywho, official words should be out very soon as, according to Brickfinder, lunch date for Germany is September 19.

LEGO x Levi’s Products Collaboration

Images: Promobricks.

Source: Brickfinder.