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MINI Getaway Cars: Camper, Cowley and ALL4 Camp

MINI isn’t the car anyone would associate with a camping adventure, but that doesn’t discourage the German-own British automaker to propose you do so with their MINIs. these getaway concepts are not new. we have seen one such example, the MINI Clubvan Concept, last year but since there ain’t no new cars to show off, why not reiterate that your tiny MINI could do more in the adventure department? three concepts are being put forward: the MINI Clubvan Camper, the MINI Cowley, and the MINI Countryman ALL4 Camp. in fact, we have seen the latter before too, but the latest iteration comes with a more generous room. the Clubvan Camper is billed as the world’s smallest luxury camper van (and we have no reason to doubt it) and is packed with practical amenities for an ideal weekend getaway. the MINI Cowley is a compact caravan designed for two and is pretty well-equipped with stuff like a twin-ring gas stove, fridge, as well as a sink – all you need is to stock the fridge with what you need. Continue reading MINI Getaway Cars: Camper, Cowley and ALL4 Camp

MINI Clubvan Concept

MINI Clubvan Concept
(photos: Mini) MINI Clubvan Concept | US$tba | www.mini.co.uk

honestly, we are not a fan of camping in the wilderness cos’ we don’t like the idea of piloting a huge camper across the country and plus, we are not as comfortable with large vehicles as we are with small compacts. that’s where the MINI Clubvan Concept, a MINI with a specially designed caravan in tow, will fill the gap. the Cowley caravan, as it is called, has everything you will need for your next pit stop in the wilderness, including a twin sleeping berth, a twin-burner gas stove, a water tank complete with pump and dish washing facility, a solar module for juicing up the onboard battery and a 230-volt power supply to power the fridge, TV/DVD and HiFi stereo system. Continue reading MINI Clubvan Concept

Marchi Mobile Van Luxury Camper – the eleMMent

Marchi Mobile eleMMent 900x470px
Marchi Mobile Van Luxury Camper – eleMMent | US$tba | www.marchi-mobile.com

the fact that the front end of this luxury camper van reminisces of a smashed bug’s head doesn’t bothers us a bit. ugly to some, but futuristic to us. while the Mongolian duo may have their ultimate in off-road luxury when hunting, you can have your very own luxury on wheels for an undisclosed amount of money. which we shall not delve into how much it would cost anyway. the luxury camper van you see here is more like an Airbus Beluga on the road. though it can’t swallow Airbus A380 parts but it certainly has enough amenities to impress. within this sleek body are amenities like mini kitchen for whipping up some tantalizing meals while on the road, an integrated communication and navigation system to assist you in finding your way, and mandatory entertainment equipment like the 40-inch satellite-capable TV and Internet connectivity to ensure that you are still in touch with the rest of the world when on the move. though, there’s no mention on how the Internet connectivity will come about. perhaps, via satellite? Continue reading Marchi Mobile Van Luxury Camper – the eleMMent