LEGO Table Lamps by Sean Kenney

LEGO Table Lamps by Sean Kenney - Lexington Red
LEGO Table Lamps by Sean Kenney | from US$695.00 |

usually kids outgrow their toys pretty quick but there are some toys that just wouldn’t let that happen. case in point: LEGO bricks. these myriad of tiny blocks offer kids to adults endless construction configurations and when you finally outgrown it, it came back haunting you with functional home goods like these table lamps made by Sean Kenny, a “professional kid” who happens to be a LEGO Certified Professional. these unique series of lamps stand out with its LEGO-brick sculpture base, each mimicking the shape of lathed wood. LEGO bricks clicked together pretty strong but probably not enough to withstand mishaps like a blow from your kid, so Sean has conscientiously glued the pieces together and weighted them down with hidden steel frame. finally, a flat fabric shade completes each awesome lighting package. available in five different base designs: Lexington, Mercer, Shanton, Devoe, and Lafayette and in a choice of eleven colors, this beautiful lamp can be yours to own with a starting price of $695 each. check out a few more look after the break.

Sean Kenney via The Awesomer via Cool Material

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