At least 5.6 billion searches are conducted daily. According to studies, 53 percent of website traffic comes from organic search results. Further, organic search traffic generates over 40 percent revenue.

However, building organic traffic isn’t easy. It is an investment that requires patience and hard work.

Organic traffic means the content you post on your site today will attract clients to your site tomorrow, next months, or even several years from now. That’s why it’s worth the effort.

Here are the things to do to boost organic traffic to your site:

1. Create the Best Content

Don’t create content for the sake of it. It won’t get you far. It’ll ruin your business reputation.

Remember, the website is your business image. It creates the first impression on the customers who find you online. Therefore, don’t waste your time publishing low-quality blogs. But why?

Yes, people love a good read. But importantly, they love a post that flows well and which solves their problem. Therefore, give the content you’re publishing your best before publishing it online.

2. Go for the Low-Hanging Fruit

Most people want to rank their websites on some two or three key phrases due to their high search volumes. Don’t make this mistake!

These key phrases are highly competitive. The chances of knocking the heavyweights that rank for this term are close to zero.

For instance, you’re running an SEO company. Trying to rank for ‘SEO agency’ is close to impossible. However, you can narrow it down a bit to include your area of operation. For example, “SEO Agency in Washington, DC”.

You can narrow it further to include your target customer. Do you want to serve specific customers? Then include them in your long-tail keyword. An example would be “SEO Agency for non-profits in Washington, DC”. With this, you’ll be assured of generating more targeted and organic traffic than broad keyword phrases.

3. Improve User Experience on Your Website

What do you think is the goal of any search engine? Their objective is to find the best possible results for each query made. If the search engine fails on this front, the users will shift to a different search engine. No search engine wants to lose its customers.

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Make sure you’re thinking about the constant desire to show quality results when optimizing your website. But why? Poor quality sites don’t rank on any SERP. Google, the leading search engine is getting better at determining site quality.

Therefore, if your site looks outdated, untrustworthy, amateurish, or slow to load, potential users will bounce back to SERP and click on a different site. Why is this bad? You’ve lost a user, a potential client, and the bounce rate on the page will increase.

Engage a competent SEO agency like Local Digital to help you assess your website’s strengths and weaknesses. Use this to forge a user-friendly site that attracts, retains, and converts visitors to clients.

4. Share Web Pages on Social Media

Relying on SEO tactics to boost your organic traffic is good. But don’t forget other valuable methods of boosting traffic to your website.

For instance, social media provides a great opportunity to drive clients to your website. So, share your website pages on social media platforms. If the content is good, your followers are likely to share the same on their pages.

5. Maintain Your Rankings

Yes, you’ve created amazing steps to boost your site rankings. But it doesn’t end there. Work hard to retain the high ranks on search engine result pages.

Remember, your competitors aren’t sleeping. They too want to reap the benefits of a high SERP ranking. Understand the issues that might lead to a rank loss and work towards avoiding them. These may include the competitor improving their offer or some technical hitches on your site.

Unfortunately, there’s no definite method of determining rank loss. Therefore, continually work towards improving the site usability to give your clients an easy time on the site. In short, do everything possible to continually improve your search results.


Every business wants to rank high on search engine results. A higher ranking generates more organic traffic, conversion, and ultimately sales.

However, ranking your site on the first page of SERPs isn’t easy. As a business owner, engage a competent SEO agency to get you here and ensure you remain at the top.

Featured image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay.

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