KISS Gene Simmons Custom Axe Bass Guitar Is Going On The Block!

If you are big fan rock act KISS, then you will want to check out this bass guitar from Gene Simmons that is going on the block on Heritage Auctions. The KISS Gene Simmons Signed & Stage Played Custom Axe Bass Guitar (Lot #89702) will go under the hammer at the Entertainment & Music Memorabilia …

Guy Plays A Four-neck Bass Guitar With One String Per Neck Because, He Can

Here’s a video of YouTuber David504 playing a quadruple neck bass guitar. Now, the thing is having two, three, or even four-neck bass guitar shouldn’t be an alien thing, although they are rare and really, unnecessary, but David504’s Quadruple Neck Bass is, ermmm, slightly different, or weird, even. Why? Because, while it has four necks, …

Gittler Titanium Guitar

just when we thought the Stash Stainless Steel Bass was crazy, Gittler Instruments up the ante by going all titanium for its minimalist bass and guitar. based on the design by the late founding father of Gittler Instruments, the Titanium Guitar does without the cumbersome body, head, and even the neck.

Stash Stainless Steel Bass Guitar

it is a known fact that bassist is not exactly the most glamorous job in a band. rarely does a bassist gets to be in the spotlight (appearing in Bass Guitar magazine doesn’t count). sure. once in a while you get to do the bass solo, but you can’t deny that is a mere candlelight shine than a real spotlight – however, if you were to take the Stash