Oppo 5G-powered Smart Hotel

Starting from August 1 through to August 30, 2019, those visiting Australia and Australia residents will be able to immerse themselves in a futuristic hotel – thanks to Oppo 5G-powered Smart Hotel. This traveling hotel was setup to demonstrate the power of 5G network and what’s possible with 5G technology.

Featuring a matte black exterior and a minimalist interior, Oppo 5G-powered Smart Hotel is a classy, self-contained luxury one-bedroom suite packed with the latest technology, including 5G cloud gaming, buffer-free streaming, a range of immersive AR apps and advanced smart home features that include a smart mirror. Interestingly, the entire hotel powered by Oppo Reno smartphone and of course, the 5G network.

The following are the details you can expect from this snazzy, hotel of the future now:

Smart Mirror – The hotel Smart Mirror has everything guests could wish for in a mirror. Simply connect a smart device to watch the latest news, get updates on stocks, read the morning newspaper, watch movies, or get the ideal light for the perfect mirror selfie.

Game Anywhere: Through the hotel’s 5G Gaming Suite, guests can experience a high-end gaming computer in the palm of their hand. Users can game locally on the PC, or leverage the 5G smartphone to access a library of games and play from anywhere.

Get things done hands-free – The Hotel’s Reno 5G device is connected to a Google Home Hub, as well as an array of smart home features. Guests can use their voice to control the lighting, play their favourite songs from YouTube Music, ask questions and get visual, immersive answers from Google.

Experience Augmented Reality (AR) – The hotel has a number of immersive AR apps on show, including an interactive introduction to the Reno 5G and an AR Wardrobe, which enables guests to preview different outfits in a virtual AR runway. 

Access entertainment buffer-free – Download, stream and watch to your heart’s content with 5G. Enjoy Netflix buffer-free or download a whole season of your favourite show while you make a cup of coffee, and watch it on the hotel’s widescreen TV.

At launch, Oppo 5G-powered Smart Hotel will set up shop at Gold Coast’s Home of the Arts (HOTA) and while there, guests can choose to attend one of the many HOTA events like Glow Festival, Farmers Markets, Dancing on the Green and the largest performing arts show of its kind in down under, Gold Coast Eisteddfood – that’s provided the 5G-powered gadgets and technology haven’t got you glued inside.

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The Oppo 5G Hotel will be available for booking from August 1st to August 30, 2019, and costs $150 per night for two. All proceeds from the bookings will be donated to local charities.

All images courtesy of Oppo.