Baha Multi-function Survival Gear Shovel

On contrary to believe, shovel is not just for digging shallow graves for your poor murder victims. Or at least, that is not the case with the Baha Shovel. It is a multi-function shovel that is also a survival gear.

It packs over 21 tools and 31 functions in one easy to to carry package. After going through the list of tools and functions, it may be safe to say that there’s nothing this little fellow cannot do. Like absolutely nothing.

Baha Multi-function Survival Gear Shovel

Beside the obvious (i.e. being shovel that does, well, shoveling), it is also an axe, an ice axe, wire cutter, a hammer and it can see to your screwing needs, it cuts, starts fire, open cans, cut glass, and saws – just to mention a few.

And oh, it is also a flashlight, a waterproof one to boot and it also charges your phone too. Indeed, it has a power bank built into it. Now, how many shovel make that claim. None that we know of.

Baha Multi-function Survival Gear Shovel

Baha Shovel really is more than a shovel. It has a blade made from Japanese high carbon steel 440C and a handle crafted from aerospace-grade 6063 aluminum alloy to ensure it is both durable and pleasant to the eyes. It comes with a bunch of survival tools that basically have your outdoor survival needs covered.

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You can learn more about Baha Shovel over at Kickstarter where it is running a campaign to fund the production.

Prices range from $89-149, depending on the size, the functions and how soon you act on it. But as with any Kickstarter campaign, the same risks apply. Continue reading for the pitch video below to learn more.

Baha Multi-function Survival Gear Shovel

Images: Facebook (@baha.globalis).

Submitted via TIP US Page.