River Mobile Power Station by EcoFlow Tech

116,000 mAh, 500W output, charges up to 11 devices and weighing at just 11 pounds (5 kg) simultaneously. Those what the River Mobile Power Station, a nothing less than revolutionary product by San Francisco outfit EcoFlow Tech, has to offer. With the River, you can stop thinking about fossil-powered generator. This thing here is tiny, but despite so, it is well equipped to deal with your off-the-grid photoshoot, sudden outage at home, and anything in between.

River Mobile Power Station by EcoFlow Tech
At 11 lbs, it is as portable as a mobile power station can be.

It packs a whopping 412 Wh worth of lithium-ion batteries inside its uber sleek enclosure and it is outfitted with 11 ports which includes four USB ports (2x quick charge USB ports with QC 2.0 and 2x USB Type-C ports with QC 3.0), two USB Type C ports, two AC outputs, two DC 12V outputs, and a 12V car port, thus ensuring the entire party can keep their devices juiced all at the same time, be it a drone, a projector, camera, fridge, light, guitar, phone or even laptops. Now, everyone’s happy.

River Mobile Power Station by EcoFlow Tech
Those have a thing for extreme temperatures will be glad that it totally operates from -40-140 F.

Best of all, it does it with the juice for days on ends and still remain portable in terms of both form factor and weight, and it is also weatherproof and feels right at home in temperatures between minus 4 and up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit (that’s -20 to 60 degrees Celsius! Holy shit!), because it totally wants it outdoor where power is non-existence. We have seen enough of such portable ‘generator’, but this one is different. Apart from the aforementioned features, it also does what something most such generators don’t; multiple ways of charging it and at a fairly quick pace.

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River Mobile Power Station by EcoFlow Tech
Suddenly, everyone and anyone can be free from the grid. Even students.

It can be charged with your car 12V outlet in just 9 hours, or 6 if charged via wall outlet. It can even be recharged with the optional 50W solar panel too, but that, of course, will take a little longer at 10-15 hours depending on the weather. With the River you will also be totally in the know of its status – thanks to a generously sized LCD that lets you in on parameters like battery level, remaining charge time, current watt output, port used, cooling fan status, temp indicators etc at a glance.

With so many dream features, it is no wonder why River is enjoy so much love on Indiegogo. At the time of this writing, it still has 23 days left on the calendar, but it has since blast past its set flexible goal of $30k, rolling in well over $300K with the support from more than 600 backers. If you are suitably impressed, you can join the flock in pre-ordering a unit for an early bird price of $459 (or $499, if that runs out). If all goes as planned, you could be greeted by this little guy as soon as July 2017. Take a look at the product pitch video to learn more.

Images: EcoFlow Tech.