Up till now, the alternative to LEGO’s pricey MINDSTORMS is Arduino/Raspberry Pi, but if you have tried that, you will understand that compatibility is an issue. This result in you needing to fabricate custom cases for the board and that’s not to mention eye-taxing coding process. But hey, if you want more flexibility and not spend too much, that’s how it is. Well, not if Leguino can help it. While the name Leguino may sounds like some sort of tasty pasta, it is not; it is the result of the holy matrimony between LEGO and Arduino (or Raspberry Pi).

Leguino Arduino-enabled LEGO Bricks

Leguino is essentially LEGO-compatible brick with Arduino and Raspberry compatible electronics in it. With Leguino, your days of messing with custom cases are over. Moreover, with Leguino Visuino, a visual development environment, you’d be designing how your LEGO robotic masterpieces behave and/or move without typing a line of code. All it takes is dragging and dropping the logic you want to create and voila! You are ready to upload and run the program on your creation. Now, that’s something I would totally dig!

Leguino Arduino-enabled LEGO Bricks

If you have the desire to create LEGO MOC that will come alive without, but have no extensive experience in coding and/or building, well, Leguino might just be the bridge you have been looking for. Having said, if you are enamored by Leguino, you may want to consider picking up a kit off Kickstarter where it is going for between £59-306 (around US$83-431).

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Leguino Arduino-enabled LEGO Bricks

Leguino Arduino-enabled LEGO Bricks

All images courtesy of Leguino/Urs Markus Ernst Streidl.

Submitted via TIP US Page.

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