Save for the for the ridiculously priced iPhone X, we would never have imagined ourselves associating gadgets with luxury. Well, it has happened though and this is coming from Parisian fashion label, Louis Vuitton. The product in question is a Sigfox-powered luggage tracker called Echo. Do not confuse it with Amazon Echo. This tiny black bar is not related to Amazon, nor is it Alexa-enabled. Technically, Echo can be used with any luggage, but its full functionality will only realized if use with Louis Vuitton Horizon 50, 55 and 70 models suitcases.

Louis Vuitton x Sigfox Luggage Tracker

There is a dedicated elastic band for the Echo inside the Horizon luggage, positioned in such a way that it will be able to detect if the luggage is being opened (by the virtue of the built-in light sensor). And yes, it is very obvious that this is a luxury gadget because, it will run you back at a cool $370 a stick. But I guess if you have a collection of LV monogram suitcases, the price of Echo is pretty much insignificant by comparison. Then again, this isn’t the Bluetooth tracker we have come to know.

Leveraging on geolocation in supported connected airports around the world, Echo is able to let in on its whereabouts (or more precisely, which airport) via the LV Pass app on your smartphone or Tambour Horizon smartwatch. Though, it probably can’t tell you if it’s 30,000 feet above the Atlantic Ocean. The device runs off a built-in rechargeable battery which should last up to 6 months per charge. Recharging is via a micro USB port and takes just an hour. Oh. We forgot to mention that the $370 sticker is inclusive of a 3-year (tracking) service. After the 3-year is up, if you wish to continue, you can extend the subscription directly on LV Pass app.

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Images: Louis Vuitton.

via Luxury Launches.

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