an eReader is just an eReader. unlike tablet, the OS behind the device is not quite the ‘thing’ that make them shines, but even so, the Sony Reader PRS-T3 eReader managed to capture our attention. why? cos’ it has a Quick Charge feature which gives you the power to consume a 600-page novel with just 3 minutes of charging. wow. that’s like a dream come true for any tech enthusiasts (us, included) and we certainly hope such feature will eventually be a staple for regular smartphones someday. anyway, the Quick Charge is just part of the attraction, along with the usual sleek Sony styling. the pencil-thin Sony Reader PRS-T3 eReader is touted as the only eReader that comes with its own protective snap cover that kind of adds a more book-like flair to the device – not essential, but nevertheless a nice to have feature – especially so for style-conscious eBook lovers.

the included cover not only protects the display when not in use, but it also doubles as a mechanism to wake up and put the device to sleep, just like you would find in today’s tablets. apart from that, expect features like a 6″ E-ink Pearl anti-glare display with 764 by 1,024 resolution and 16-level gray scale, up to two months of battery life with normal usage, 2GB memory for up to 1,200 eBooks, expandable storage via microSD card, supporting up to 32GB, and of course, built-in WiFi for doing things like updating your Facebook page, scribble notes to be save on Evernote, Google for author information and more. available starting this month for £119 a pop (about US$186). more look after the break.

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