Jaguar maybe synonymous with performance cars, but it has chosen an entirely different class of vehicle to showcase a whole new architecture that will provide the underpinnings for a new range of future Jaguars. set to take the limelight at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, the Jaguar C-X17 Sports Crossover Concept is the first-ever sports crossover from the British marque and features an advanced aluminum monocoque architecture which is high-strength, lightweight, extremely stiff and incorporates “innovative efficiency technologies.” but don’t get too excited over this crossover concept just yet, as there are no indications of whether this will be considered as the future lineup. the sports crossover concept is first and foremost, here to show what will be going under the skin of future Jags and as Jaguar puts it “a study to demonstrate the capabilities of the new advanced aluminum monocoque architecture.”

however, the Coventry folks also noted that this sports crossover concept also represents the potential expansion of Jaguar’s portfolio of body styles in an effort to appeal to a wider global audience. well, what can we say? nearly every stable in market already has a crossover, so we guess it is about time for Jag to do the same. it is kind of long overdue, don’t you think? speaking of which, we thought the C-X17 bears a very ‘this world’ design that might just be a hint that it could be a road-going car, though we can say the same for its highly futuristic cabin which showcases advanced interior technologies including an interactive surface console (a multi-screen infotainment network of sort) and that’s not to mention the equally-future like seats found in its premium two-tone leather trimmed interior. whatever it is, we always appreciate a few good images that we could ogle over and remember a beauty by – which you can find in the image gallery below. enjoy.

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