Take your smartphone charging to warp speed with the Star Trek: The Next Generation Warp Core USB Car Charger. While this little guy here may not get your 500 dollar rundown Mazda station wagon into warp speed like it did for the USS Enterprise, it will, however, top up your USB-powered mobile gadgets with the much needed electrons swiftly. It comes with dual USB ports, each pumping out 2.1A which should be more than ample to charge two tablets simultaneously. And oh, it produces a maximum output of 4,000 terdynes per second, or maybe not.

Star Trek: The Next Generation Warp Core USB Car Charger

Anywho, it pulsates with sci-fi standard blue light when it is plugged in, which you can turn off to conserve the dilithium crystal that powers it (imaginary one, that is), and fits snugly in your automobile/spaceship’s cupholder with high-tech energy called electricity necessary to charge your devices fed to it by your vehicle’s 12V power adapter, AKA cigarette lighter socket. Ok, there’s nothing sci-fi-ish about this mobile device charger for automobile, but if it is Star Trek-themed, then it is cool.

A ThinkGeek creation and exclusive, the officially-licensed Star Trek: The Next Generation Warp Core USB Car Charger is ready to bring the warp core online in exchange for $39.99 of your hard-earned money. Star Trek uniform when driving is entirely optional.

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Images: ThinkGeek.

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