Polatap Ultimate Bluetooth Audio and Battery Traveler Kit

Unlike our forebears, modern day travelers have more to pack than mere essentials like garments and toiletries. We have gadgets and their associated accessories too. These modern nomads’ necessary evils have always make my suitcase feels messy and I thought this is it, we have to live with it, but as it turns out, we don’t have to because there is Polatap. Polatap brings to you, in one neat kit, a metal clip accessory, a Bluetooth receiver, a cable kit, a battery hub (AKA power bank), and a speaker block – all magnetically snaps together into one no-mess package.

And oh, there’s even an active noise cancelling earphones too which packed into an uber sleek carry case. Here’s the breakdown of what tech has to offer:

Active Noise Cancelling Earphones
Boasting the world’s first compact noise cancelling technology that cancels up to 95 percent of noise, the kit’s active noise cancelling earphones features an ergonomic fit, superior sound quality, aptX codec, and up to 400 hours of active noise cancelling when use with the Battery Hub.

Bluetooth Receiver
Bluetooth receiver is what it says it is and that’s to turn any wired headphones wireless. Supports any wired audio product, compact size, and compatible with in-flight entertainment using the included 3.5mm audio cable.

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Metal Clip Accessory
This beautiful metal clip accessory is for use with Bluetooth Receiver for easy headphone wire management by clipping onto shirt or pocket.

Battery Hub
The battery hub, AKA power bank, packs 6,000mAh capacity and touts turbo charging, a premium aluminum design, and supports Lightning, Micro-USB, and USB-C plugs for charging the battery as well as all three ports for charging your devices.

Speaker Block
The speaker block is an efficient 3W audio driver that offers up to 200 hours of play time when use with the kit’s Battery Hub.

Cable Kit
The cable kit will save you from the torment of cable tangle with built-in Lightning and Micro-USB charging cables that also supports simultaneous charging.

Carrying Case
Finally, it is the carry case that holds everything together when not in use.

The idea is super simple, but effective and it makes us think, why didn’t we think of it? Anyways, it is a reality now and if you want one, you can head over to Kickstarter to pre-order it. Prices for the all-in-one kit range from $99-119, depending how soon you back it and whether or not you want wireless audio. Some of the accessory can also be acquired separately, but I will leave it to you to check out the perks yourself. Hit the jump for the product pitch video to learn more.

Images courtesy of Polatap.

Submitted via TIP US Page.