It is no secret that you can cobbled up a homemade Dyson-inspired bladeless fan using nothing but common parts you can find lying a home, albeit it being a rather crude contraption. However, if you have a 3D printer, South African Thingiverse user, Daniel Mitchell, will show you how to make a bladeless fan the high-tech way. Mind you though. Mitchell’s bladeless fan is no Dyson copies; it sports a unique triangular shape the British electrical giant never adopt.

3D Printed Triangular Bladeless Fan

Based on the popular (and very pricey) bladeless fan, Mitchell’s triangular bladeless fan uses an airfoil shape to suck and capture additional air which results in increased overall airflow and therefore, cooling. Mitchell promised that this 3D printed project “does not require in depth electrical wiring knowledge.” But you know how it is with this kind of project. If know a thing or two about electrical stuff, it will definitely help.

Anywho, if you are keen in putting together your very own unique bladeless fan, head on down to Daniel Mitchell’s Triangular Bladeless Fan page on Thingiverse to pick up the 3D files and also what are the components needed to complete the build. In addition to the hardware, obviously, you will need to have some technical know-how to get the project going.

3D Printed Triangular Bladeless Fan

Images: Daniel Mitchell.

Source: Thingiverse.

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