Earlier today, London was abuzz with The LEGO Movie 2 promotion with the aid of an unlikely structure: a pop-up coffee shop that was made from real LEGO elements. The pop-up cafe called The Coffee Chain, which was inspired by the cafe in the movie, will be be at London’s Observation Point in South Bank for two days. But for some folks, the real draw ain’t the LEGO brick cafe, or the LEGO cupcakes; it was The LEGO Movie 2 voice actors, Chris Pratt and Tiffany Haddish who are behind the voice of Emmet and Queen Whatevra Wa’Nabi, respectively.

LEGO Pop-up Coffee Shop London

They duo were they to serve the first lucky customers, long with the requisite selfies. As for the cafe, it was made from 50,000 LEGO elements and took six builders 236 hours to complete. TBH, the details are lacking here. I am pretty sure the coffee shop wasn’t build entirely of LEGO elements. If it was, it will surely take more than 50,000 bricks. Like I have said, the details are lacking, but you can tell me how much of it was of LEGO if you are in and around London for today and/or tomorrow. Never mind the stars. They are not important. We are more interested in the LEGO bits.

Anywho, the promotion is also for a good cause. The Coffee Chain will be raising awareness and also donating proceeds to UNICEF UK, which is kind of cool.

LEGO Pop-up Coffee Shop London

Images: Premier Communications (London).

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Source: Adweek.

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