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if you don’t already know, Aliph is the maker of the Jawbone series of Bluetooth headsets and they have just introduced a new iPhone app called Thoughts. so what is Thoughts? basically, Thoughts is a sort of voice messaging platform bridging the gap between text messaging and phone calls.

we already have voice mail and text messaging, so what’s up with the concept of Thoughts? well, for voice mail you got to wait for the beep to start recording, and most often than not – its because the other party fails to pick up the call. as for Thoughts, it lets you record a message and send it without the hassle of waiting for the beep. it’s kind of like a voice-mail on purpose. as for text messaging, we all must agree that short messages are often void of emotions. while it serves it purpose, it can be so cold. perhaps that why we have emoticons to add a spice of emotion to our messages. in anyway, Thoughts, does the aforementioned along with emotion from our voices, be it with anger, excitement or whatever.

the Thoughts integrates with your phone’s contacts list which will much similar to sending text messages. you simply pick the contact your want to send your Thoughts, record and send. you can even send to multiple contacts, and in return, they can reply to all. just like text messaging. if the contact that you’re sending the Thoughts doesn’t have the app, they’ll receive either an email or text message with a link to a Jawbone website where they can play the audio message. quite an hassle for this part, really. reminds me of the days of when multimedia messaging or MMS just took off. those who have not set up for MMS will receive a text message with a link to the telco website for them to log-in and view the MMS.

Thoughts uses Internet connection so it will peg on your monthly data instead of monthly talk time and monthly text messages allotment will be spared too. though this app is usable with or without a headset but it is better to use it with a headset, as Aliph has put it that “it will be easier to go from Thought to Thought without having to lift the phone to ear repeatedly.” the Thoughts app is more a value-add service to its Bluetooth headsets, that goes without saying, its their core business. Thoughts app is available free on iTunes store.


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