this year marks the 60th year since the birth of one of the world’s most recognizable big screen monster Godzilla or more favorably known by the Japanese as Gojira (ゴジラ) (not be confused with the French heavy metal band), which means fans can expect quite a few monster commemorative merchandizes to surface. we have seen one cast in gold which is straight up prohibitive for many Gojira fans with its million and half price tag. but if you have, say a mortal-sensible 500 bucks to spare, there is a softer version which you can buy to add to your Gojira shrine.

created by Germany high-end stuffed toy maker Steiff, the Steiff x Godzilla Plush Toy is a cuddly representation of the fearsome creature. though so, it is obviously a pricey collectible item which you probably want to keep your kids’ hands off it. i mean, 51,300 Yen (about US$505) is one thing, but the fact that it is limited to just 1,954 units (no prize for guessing why the 1,954) is a good enough reason that you won’t want your kids cuddling this 50 centimeters tall plushy monster or God forbids, tugging on the handcrafted monster’s precious mohair. the Steiff x Godzilla Plush Toy will go on sale this November and not surprisingly, it will be only available in Japan.

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Steiff x Godzilla Plush Toy

Steiff [JP] via Kotaku

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