How many times have you find yourself running out beer when your pals are coming over for say, the big game night? If the answer is all too often, then The Bud Light Bud-E Fridge is for you. As you may have guessed, this is a connected fridge, a smart fridge if you will, that keeps you in the loop of how many beers are inside the fridge and also tells you when the beers hit the “optimal temperature” for consumption. A display outside the fridge, on the door, lets you in on those info at a glance and if you are outside, you can get those stats via a mobile app on your iOS or Android device, so you will know if you need to pick up more cold ones from the store.


The app can also sync with the game days with your favorite NFL team and alert you if the supply is low when your favorite team is on. To ensure you are well stock without going beyond a few touches, The Bud Light Bud-E Fridge also works with Bud Light’s home delivery service so you can get the supply replenished as soon as it gets too low and without leaving the comfort of whenever you are. The only caveat is, this convenience is only available to residents of California and also, if you are all up for the delivery service, you have been in San Francisco, LA or San Diego. No word on when it will be available in other states. Anyways, folks residing in the Golden State can buy one starting today for a special introductory price of $299. Regular retail price is expected to run you back at $599, though we are not sure how long this special sticker will last.

The Bud Light Bud-E Fridge

The Bud Light Bud-E Fridge

Bud Light via Engadget

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