Titanium Toothpicks

Titanium Toothpicks
Titanium Toothpicks | from US$35.00

do you fancy picking your tooth after every meal? like very, very much? well, if the answer is yes, then you better treat yourself (and your teeth) to an extreme toothpick or two other than the usual plastic or wooden versions. for the sake of showing that you treat every pick that you make seriously. the name, Titanium Toothpicks, pretty much speak for themselves. each toothpick is beautifully crafted from 6Al-4V (Grade 5) titanium which are non-allergenic and is the same stuff used for medical implants, as well as the aerospace industry. how the two relates to each other is beyond us but you get the idea of how good and safe this metal is. it is titanium, meaning it is a non-ferrous metal which will not rust, so it is completely safe to stick it into your mouth and it is purposely designed with a slightly rounded tip to prevent you from leaving a mess of red in your mouth. choose from plain titanium toothpick or a list of ‘customs’ including single color or multi-color anodized, glowrings- or glowbulb-adorned, eyelet option and even Tritium inserts. yes, you read that correctly. Tritium is the same radioactive isotope that you know of but of course, its dosage is too small to cause any alarm or any harm to human. anyway, you are not going to put that end of the pick into your mouth, or do you? as for the price, these Titanium Toothpicks are going to cost you at least $35 each for the plain and anodized versions, and fancier adornment such as glowrings, glowbulb and the likes will cost anything between $40 to $50, while the radioactive example will set you back at $60 a pop. a must-have for any serious tooth-picker or anyone who just want to serve their cut fruits in absolute style. more look at some example of the different colorways after the break.

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