OreObject Sphere 2 Luxury Corded Mouse

OreObject Sphere 2 Luxury Corded Mouse
(image: OreObject) OreObject Sphere 2 Luxury Corded Mouse | from US$185.00 | www.oreobject.com

how much would you pay for a computer mouse? i guess as far as general computing using population are concerned, not so much. however, if everything surrounding your life has to be as luxurious as it can be, then this particular mouse should appeal to you. meet the Sphere 2, a spherical mouse that’s crafted from surgical-grade stainless steel and offered in three luxe finishes: titanium, 24K gold, and platinum. luxury is not just skin-deep for this awesome-looking mouse with features like user-selectable “touch” and “click” modes, rotary scrolling wheel, four-way navigation buttons, 3-stage on-the-fly resolution adjustment (800/1200/1600 dpi), detachable micro USB cable, low-friction Teflon ring base, and precision ball bearings. so how expensive are we talking about? well, it will set you back at $185 for the Titanium model, $290 for the Gold model, and a cool $320 for the Platinum model. honestly, those prices are not astounding sum but three figures for a mouse is nevertheless deem astronomical by most people standard. so would you pay three-figure amount for a mouse that looks this good?

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