What do very rich friends gift their very rich friends when they wed? I don’t know. Gold? Or diamonds, maybe? Well, I supposed those will do. However, if you desire something a little less mundane (in rich person’s terms, that is) without sacrificing the luxe factor that will make you look like a penny-pincher, Brikk now has another gifting option for your newly wedded friends. Meet the Lux iPhone X Union Kit, a pair of matching gold-plated, diamond encrusted iPhone X which can be further personalized with engraving and design choices to suit the couple’s tastes.

Brikk Lux iPhone X Union Kit Luxury Wedding Gift Set

You will get to choose from Brikk’s catalog of Lux iPhone X Collection, ranging from the charm of the Mono Classic to the uber artistic Royal Jade. If the ‘basics’ make you look bad even though they are, as it is, pricey as hell, then you will be glad that each device can be further customized with bespoke options including, but not limited to, red beryl stones, moon dust, meteorite, or fossils. Of course, those options will most definitely add to the already ostentatious sticker, but what the hell? It sure beats gifting a yacht of the same value (or maybe less, seriously) because it would be a shame if no one can actually see you presenting such a luxurious gift to the bride and groom. But, of course, that would be different story if the wedding was held next to the dock.

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Brikk Lux iPhone X Union Kit Luxury Wedding Gift Set

Anyways, this unique and super luxe wedding gift maybe small in comparison to say, a yacht, but it is no less a head turner – thanks in part to the aluminum presentation case that they come housed in. You can even custom the case with leather or wood exterior and a velvet or silk interior to further add a touch luxe and class. Without a doubt, the Brikk Lux iPhone X Union Kit is an out-of-this-world luxury wedding gift reserved only for your bestest of friends because, prices start at an automobile-equivalent of $16,000 and it can run up to as much as, wait for it… $2.6 million!

Wow. Man, I wouldn’t even gift a budget Android phone, let alone a standard, non-luxe iPhone X. Like, as if the iPhone X isn’t expensive enough. Oh well, what do I know right? Some folks are pulling in tens of thousands of dollars every hour, so who knows? 16 grand might just be small change to them. In case you are one them, you will be glad that the Brikk Lux iPhone X Union Kit is available for your taking as we speak via Brikk Concierge and soon, at Harrods too.

Images courtesy of Brikk.

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