Nest Audio Smart Speaker by Google

It is finally here. The long overdue successor to the original Google Home first introduced in 2016 is here. And it, as we have learned previously, falls under the Nest brand. Meet the Nest Audio. Aesthetically, it shares the same design language as the larger Nest Max and the small Nest Mini.

Like the Mini, the new Nest Audio has machine learning baked into it, allowing it to learn your most common music commands and thus, enabling faster response. Audio reproduction is delivered through a 19 mm tweeter and a 75 mm mid-woofer that are tuned to sound great across genres.

It is an adaptive smart speaker that features Media EQ that automatically tune itself to what you are listening. And then there’s the Ambient IQ that auto adjusts volume of Assistant, news and whatnot based on the background noise, you can hear even over a noisy washer.

Finally, there is the stream transfer that lets you move music from one device to another using voice. You can even transfer music or podcasts from your phone as you walk in the door. Now, that’s a smart speaker. I think we don’t need to mention multi-room capability which is expected of smart speaker these days.

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The Nest Audio Smart Speaker by Google is available for US$99.99 from Google Store and select retailers in the U.S., Canada and India starting October 5.

Starting on October 15, 2020, you will able to pick up at retail stores including Target, Best Buy and more in 21 countries.

Image: Google.