portable battery chargers are a dime a dozen, so it is safe to say we, as consumers, are not lacking of options. however, to find power packs that looks pretty at the same can be quite a challenge. that said, if you are in the quest for one (or two) pretty looking power pack, the Incase Portable Power Packs might just be able to tickle your fancy. available in two capacities, one that packs 5,400 mAh for fulfilling two full iPhone charges and the other with 2,500 mAh for one full iPhone charge. obviously, these are not exclusive to iPhone, which means you are free to transfer those juice to any USB-powered devices in need of power. common features across the two models include LED power level indicator, 2.1A output for fast charging, integrated USB-A cable, and universal connect USB port out.

most portable battery chargers, or power packs, are essentially the same, so the differentiating qualities would be the reliability and of course, the design. though we can’t vouch for the former as we don’t own any power pack from Incase, but you can be sure the latter will more than satisfy any style-conscious folks’ need to look good. i am sure the image up above already more than prove that point. the Incase Portable Power Packs are available now for $59.95 and up. yes, they are not cheap as compared to those China branded competitions, but one thing you can be sure is, a reputable company is behind them.

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