over here, it is not all about booze during holiday season. we do have a penchant for some good coffees to keep ourselves extra sober. to be honest, though we love coffees, our exposure is limited (not limited to Starbucks, though) and sure would love to sip on some special reserve if we have the opportunity. speaking of special reserve, Green Mountain Coffee has just announced two new special reserve offerings: the 100% Kona and Jamaican Blue Mountain, which will be available in bags and in Keurig K-Cup packs for this holiday season. coffee aficionados will be able to grab the 16-count K-Cup packs for the Keurig brewing system at select Bed Bath & Beyond retail stores, as well as Green Mountain Coffee and Keurig online stores.

a 16-count box will set you back at $32.99. if you favor grounding the beans on your own, you can grab the whole bean bags from Green Mountain Coffee website for $24.99. for uninitiated, Green Mountain Coffee special reserve coffees are handcrafted and artfully roasted from beans that are among the rarest in the world and these unique varieties are only offered a few times a year as limited edition roasts, and therefore, qualities are limited. that said, both the 100% Kona and Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffees are available while supplies last, so be ready to snap them up soon. well, before you move on, perhaps you would like to learn more about each special reserve roast from the horse’s mouth in the text below.

Green Mountain Coffee® 100% Kona is a cheerfully bright but delicate coffee that expresses dry, chardonnay-like notes while presenting refreshing hints of tropical fruit, tart green apple, and dried citrus. The aroma is pleasantly floral with an almond sweetness. The Kona region of Hawaii’s main island is marked by high elevation, frequent cloud cover, mild nights, and mineral-rich volcanic soil, making it an ideal environment for growing and nurturing 100% Kona, a highly-prized, award-winning coffee bean.

Green Mountain Coffee® Jamaica Blue Mountain® presents a heavy body with a silky, smooth finish and is made up of rich notes of chocolate, cherry, and plum, while hints of melon, lemon, and lime also shine through. This coffee is grown in the higher reaches of the Blue Mountains where rainfall is plentiful and the soil is extremely rich, and where nearly perpetual fog slows the plants’ development, thereby producing a denser bean than what is produced in other regions. Jamaica Blue Mountain® is known around the world for its exceptional flavor.

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