Do you know why IKEA x Sonos line of Symfonisk speakers do not have a remote? The real reason is, you don’t need one. You’d be streaming, duh. However, IKEA will gladly sell you a remote if you really want one and you probably do after seeing how cool the remote is.

The IKEA Remote Control for Symfonisk is a simple puck-like device void of any visible button. Clicking the “puck” lets you play or pause the music, or skip tracks (forward or back), and by rotating the surface clockwise or counterclockwise, you can control the audio level.

IKEA Remote Control for Symfonisk

The functions are as simple as the design of the device which is inline with IKEA’s philosophy. The remote can be used to control Symfonisk speakers as well as Sonos speakers from any room of your choosing. However, you need the IKEA TRÅDFRI gateway and the IKEA Home Smart app to get it to work.

The remote has a built-in magnetic base which, with the included wall mount, allows it to be affixed to most surfaces. The device measures 50 mm in diameter and has a 18 mm profile. It is currently spotted on IKEA France website, selling for €14.99 (US$16.50) a pop, and we hear it will soon make its way to the U.K. However, there are no words if they will be arriving to stateside.

IKEA Remote Control for Symfonisk

Images: IKEA France.

Source: designboom.

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