thanks to company like Odin Mobile, the visually impaired does not need to live a life without a communication device. with development like this Odin Mobile Emporia Essence Phone for the visually impaired, a person with low vision can also communicates freely through voice calls and even text messages. this sleek, simple to use handset sports purpose designed features such as adjustable font size and high contrast display for easy legibility, large buttons with tactile feel, high volume, and most importantly, it has audio announcements letting the user know what he or she have pressed. for example, the phone will “speaks” each individual number when the user make a call, and announces “calling” after the send button is pressed. also built into the phone is a Call for Care button, which is basically an emergency quick dial button preprogrammed with five contact numbers. in the event of an emergency, a push of the button will triggers the phone to call the five numbers in sequence until the call is answered. also incorporated into the phone is an intelligent system that Odin said will ensure no call ends up on an answering machine.

though designed for the visually impaired, it is still very much a regular mobile phone with features like contacts book, SMS capability with space for up to 100 text messages, extra strong vibrating alarm, Bluetooth connectivity, built-in flashlight, as well as FM radio. additionally, each phone comes with a desktop stand charger that makes charging the phone as easy as ABC. the Odin Mobile Emporia Essence Phone for the visually impaired goes for $49 a pop, while monthly plans can cost anything from $10 to $45.

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