Casio is really out to cash in on Lunar New Year 2020. For the Year of the Rat, the it has not one, but two celebratory Casio G-Shock watches for the Asia market. There’s one China-only exclusive and there’s one collaborative piece with Singapore artist Jahan Loh for markets outside of China.

For the G-Shock x Jahan Loh Year of the Rat, the eye-catching full-on red tough timepiece (GA-2100) is decorated with Chinese motifs on the band, along with Chinese character ‘福’ (Fortune).

The fairly requisite round metal case also gets a special coat of matching red paint, plus the artist’s animation artwork circled by silhouette of rats – a nod to the Chinese zodiac animal of 2020.

G-Shock x Jahan Loh Year of the Rat will drop January 3, 2020, at brick and mortar stores in Singapore, as well as online. However, we believe the price has not been disclosed at the time of this post.

Over in China, the market is getting a celebratory timepiece with two color options. The G-Shock GST-W300CX-4APFM and GST-W300CXB-4APFM, as the model name suggests, are based on the G-Steel series watches.

Two colorways are offered: red on gold and black/red on gold. Basically, they are identical with the exception of the bezel color.

In addition to the unique colorway, the watch also touts a unique artwork of a rat and signed by American muralist David Flores, whom also happens to design the oversize box.

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Each timepiece will come with a 12 cm (4.72 inches) tall stain glass rat in gold named MYMIGO (yes, it has a name), along a few trinkets in gold, of course.

The China-exclusive G-Shock x David Flores Year of the Rat watch is now available in China, priced at 2,690 yuan (about $385).

Images: CASIO Singapore/CASIO China.

Source: G-Central/mothership.

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