Tokidoki x Barbie Doll apparels, totes and skateboard

Tokidoi x Barbie Doll Collection 900x515px
(photos: Tokidoki) Tokidoki x Barbie Doll Collection | from US$33.00 |

Tokidoki’s last collaboration with Marvel is a little more guy-biased but these designer folks are not about to leave the girls out in the cold. it has announced a new collection that is sure to appeal that little girl hiding in your heart. well… assuming you are a gal, that is. the collection is none other than Barbie Doll – a doll that has no doubt captured the imagination of countless little girls since the late 1950s. the Tokidoki x Barbie Doll Collection includes the mandatory Barbie Doll action figure, a skateboard, a couple of tote bags, and the usual tee-shirts and hoodies. the Barbie Doll here deserves some special mention. this doll features a trendy pink hairdo, the familiar Tokidoki tattoos, dressed in a sassy outfit, and carrying a Tokidoki hand bag. the Tokidoki x Barbie Doll Collection is available from Tokidoki web store with pricing starting from $33. just a heads up, the Tokidoki Barbie Doll cost $50 a pop. i hate to sound like such a sissy, but i think this Barbie Doll rocks and should be quite a collectible too.
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