if everything needs to be steampunked, why not the USB cable?

Steampunk USB Cable 720x412px
(photos: Winged Fist)
everything imaginable associated with our lives have been steampunked by steampunk aficionados, and among those imaginable things are our daily gadgets and peripherals like computers, keyboards, and mice but there’s just one attention to detail that these steampunk-folks might have missed, and that is the USB cable. yeah, why haven’t anyone thought of that? or maybe you have thought of it and never not sure how to create one? well, no worries. one instructables member by the nick of Winged Fist is letting you in on his receipt on how to create your very own steampunk USB cable. the best part about this instruction? you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to create one. Winged Fist will guide you through the process of retrofitting your existing USB cable into one heck of a steampunked cable. now, if have been staring at your steampunk computer and wondering what’s missing, then this is it. your steampunk makeover for your gadgets will be finally complete. so ready to get your hands dirty? then head on down to Winged Fist’s instructables page and find out how you can create your very own steampunk USB cable.
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