Astro Gaming out new Saints Row 3 A40 Headsets

Astro Gaming A40 Saints Row 3 Headset 620x390px
(photos: Tokidoki) Astro Gaming Saints Row 3 A40 Headsets | from US$209.99 |

Astro Gaming has teamed up with gaming software company, THQ to release the limited edition Saints Row: The Third Gaming Headset. this special edition gaming cans is based on Astro Gaming award-winning A40 Headset, decked out with Saints Row: The Third branding. this headphones comes in choice of Saint’s Purple and Deck’s Blue, and only 600 pairs of each color will be made available for purchase via Astro Gaming website. like the Call of Duty and Jeep collaboration, this pair of cans will be available in the in-game store, hence allowing your in-game character can wear this cool headphones while creating havoc in Steelport. the limited edition A40 SR3 is available in three variations: the complete A40 Wireless System ($289.99), the A40 Audio System ($259.99), as well as the A40 Headset ($209.99).
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