Event: Hideaki Anno Exhibition @ Aomori Museum of Art

If you are in Japan and happen to be a huge fan of Hideaki Anno’s works, then you will want to hit up the Hideaki Anno Exhibition @ Aomori Museum of Art. The exhibition, which runs from April 22 to July 17, 2023, not only showcases the visionary animator/director/producer’s recent hits like the Shin Kamen …

RELICS: A New World Rises Touring Exhibition: When LEGO Took Over Everyday Objects

You know how some ancient architectures, such as The Hanging Temple in China and the Paro Takstang in Bhutan, were built into the natural landscapes like cliffs? Well, the RELICS: A New World Rises exhibition currently open at the South Australian Museum (SAM) is kind of like these majestic ancient architectures.

Louvre Museum Goes Digital, Made Its Entire Art Collection Free To View Online

The Louvre Museum, aka Musée du Louvre, in France will remain closed until further notice to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Anyone who have purchased a ticket during this period will automatically receive a refund. But that will not leave art lovers and art researchers art-starved because, the museum has went full-on digital.

Louvre Abu Dhabi Now Offers Tour Of Museum By Kayaking

How often has anyone admire the beauty of the architecture of a museum in addition to the exhibits within? I betting not many and it is going be far lesser (or at least not as close as one may have liked), if most part of the museum is surrounded by water like in the case …

Surrealist Salvador Dali Brought To Life By AI To Talk About His Life

It has been 30 years since Salvador Dali passes on, but thanks to technology, the prolific Spanish surrealist is coming back to life. But thankfully, not in an eery way. So, you can put your whatever holy objects away. TBH, I am not familiar with Dali and his works, but what caught our attention was …

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