Remember the Godzilla Experience park we wrote about late last year? Well, the attraction at Nijigen No Mori on Awaji Island is partially open… for a limited time – specifically, the Godzilla Museum.

Nijigen No Mori Godzilla Experience Partial Opening

The zipline is not open yet, though. The same goes for the shooting game. Just the museum has opened its doors, along with the gift shop as well as a restaurant that serves Godzilla-themed food.

The museum will be fans’ wet dream as it features dioramas of various scenes pulled from different Gojira movies through the years. The dioramas should be accurate recreation of the scenes familiar to fans as they are created in collaboration with Toho Co., Ltd., the company behind the string of Godzilla movies in Japan.

Nijigen No Mori Godzilla Experience Partial Opening

Fans will also be able to see props like the suits and building sets used in the movies and prototype models of enemy monsters. Around 80 different Godzilla figures are on display as well. So, it really is a wonderland for diehard fans.

There is a craft workshop for little ones where they can roll up their sleeves to make Godzilla decorated version of Awaji Island’s traditional party blower of sort. Finally, visitors hitting up the museum at Nijigen No Mori will receive a complimentary Godzilla clear file.

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Nijigen No Mori Godzilla Experience Partial Opening

Admission to the Godzilla Museum at Nijigen No Mori Godzilla Experience is just 1,000 yen (US$9.40) for adults and 800 yen (about US$7.50) for kids. However, it will only open till August 31. Fans who missed this limited time opening will have to wait till the entire attraction opens officially.

Images: Nijigen No Mori/Toho Co., Ltd..

Source: SoraNews24.

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