When it comes to innovative car tech, Jaguar Land Rover leads the pack. We have seen how the group’s research on transparent pillar and transparent hood, and how it plans to leverage on augmented reality to overlay real-time information on the entire windscreen. Speaking of the latter, Porsche apparently has the same idea too, albeit a few years late.

Porsche Augmented Reality Windscreen

Porsche has recently drop some money into a Swiss startup, WayRay, that makes holographic augmented reality HUD technology that integrates onto the windshield. Like Jaguar Land Rover’s Virtual Windscreen Concept, information can be spread across the entire length of the windscreen. For a start, Porsche has eagerly come forward to present what information it thinks may be projected on the windscreen of future Porsche car.

Porsche Augmented Reality Windscreen

With information like racing line, lap timer, speed, gear position and more, it will effectively make the windscreen looking like Playstation Gran Turismo. I can see this as a useful development for motorsports, but to a lesser extend, it could be use on everyday vehicle to provide navigation, communication and more. Perhaps, even replacing the now popular touchscreen multimedia display. It could be, but the fact that drive line could be display does really make it highly useful in motorsports.

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Interestingly, WayRay’s system is not limited to a particular make or model. It can be installed in almost nay car as it is a standalone hardware. But, surely if Porsche were to employ WayRay’s technology, they will want it integrated to their cars and not as an add that does not look like it belongs to the sleek interior. Anyways, you know this is the future. The question is, when?

Porsche Augmented Reality Windscreen

Images: Porsche AG.

Source: CarBuzz.

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