TrackingPoint Labs Shotview App and Wearable Technology

the concept of shooting around corners is not new. in fact, Israel have invented one which has been in service with several nations since 2003, but Israeli’s idea of corner shot was designed from the ground up and exists as an entirely new rifle, which can be quite costly to implement and not to mention the operational heft from the hardware itself. though it is worthy to mention that Israel’s CornerShot does keep the shooter’s hands out of sight too, you know, just in case one of those sharp shooters might start picking the digits off you. anyway, Texas-based TrackingPoint Labs is proposing a more cost effective solution by combining the firm’s Precision Guided Firearm (PGF) with existing wearable technology like Google Glass to enable shooter to engage targets from around corners, behind low walls, and other positions that provides suitable and safe cover.

using a Shotview streaming app for mobile devices, this proposed wearable PGF technology provides the shooter with visual aids for aiming and allows the process to be streamed to other devices such as smartphones or tablets at the same time. the target acquisition visual is streamed and projected onto the Google Glass, much like aircraft’s HUD, where critical parameters such as distance to target, angle of shot, compass direction and more are presented to the firer without drawing his or her attention away. the ability to stream what the scope sees to other devices could be a huge boon for practicing shooters too where instructors can review in real-time on the trainees’ shooting skill. so TrackingPoint Labs’s development is really more than just shooting around corners.

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as for military application, it is more of a proof of concept and not necessary proposing soldiers to wear this pretty looking but fragile piece of hardware to the field. the concept could very well be adapted and ruggedized for military or law enforcement purposes. keeping going for a video of the TrackingPoint Labs Shotview app with Google Glass in action.

YouTube via TecheBlog