when boating, the last thing any sailor wants is to ride into a storm. sure, you can check out the weather forecast prior to setting off or have a slew of pricey hardware onboard to help you avert potential bad weather, but unfortunately Mother Nature is not as predictable as we thought she would be and not every seaman can afford to drop thousands of dollars on hardware, which kind of makes the $500 CASIO G-Shock Gulfmaster Ocean Concept Watch (GWN-1000) a favorable proposition. apart from the standard duty as a rugged timepiece, it is also equipped with Triple Sensors to measure direction, atmospheric pressure/altitude, and temperature. with atmospheric information readily available on your wrist, you can better anticipate changes in the weather, while the compass functionality keeps you in the know of the direction and tide graph for pre-set locations lets you in of sea surface conditions.

“Along with digital display of current atmospheric pressure values, the second hand also indicates the change in pressure compared to the previously measured value. The hand points to a number engraved on the bezel, while the angle of the hand indicates the magnitude of the pressure change. A sudden spike or drop in pressure is indicated with an arrow in the inset dial, accompanied by an alarm signal. As a result, the timepiece provides an accurate indication of atmospheric pressure change numerically, along with a more visual impression from the angle of the hand. This allows for an individual to take action when the weather is about to change.”

the Gulfmaster Ocean Concept Watch also boast Smart Access electronic crown with quick-lock that allows for easy access to world time and all the sensor functions and the watch also inherits G-Shock lauded shock resistant and rugged properties. other features include water resistance to 200 meters (656 feet), two separate LED lights for illuminating the dial and LCD, afterglow neo-brite luminous hands and markers, different sounds to indicate the different sensor mode in use, multi-band atomic timekeeping for accurate time display with manual receive function, moon data, auto hand home position correction, full auto calendar, G-Shock tough solar power, battery indicator and a battery that could sustain for six months in complete darkness. rounding up this ocean-going timepiece is a new flexible soft urethane band that is integrated to the case. the G-SHOCK Gulfmaster series timepiece will be available in August 2014 at select fashion boutiques, key jewelry stores, G-SHOCK Soho NYC store, as well as G-Shock online shop.

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G-SHOCK Gulfmaster Ocean Concept Watch

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